BCCI Mission & Objectives

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Objectives of CIS-BCCI

To grab, discover and expedite huge business potentials in Russia and other CIS countries.
Expediting the 3rd front of Bangladesh's Export Markets in CIS Countries- which are not yet be explored.
Encouraging commercial, industrial, agricultural interests and other matters connected with economic and professional activities for doing business with CIS countries.
Looking after the interests of the members of the chamber, providing them with the services they need to carry out their activities and commercial transactions.
Help protecting their rights and surveying their opinions and presenting them.
Encouraging co-operation between the members of the chamber and strengthening their mutual relations and their links with / network with them with their counterparts in CIS countries various economic sectors.
Liaison with related associations, organizations and bodies in order to coordinate actions regarding common economic, technical, and administrative matters.
Undertaking to consolidate the Bangladesh’s economic position and to highlight its role as a functional international commercial and business center for expanding businesses with target markets.