Membership Benefits

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Services for Bangladeshi Businessmen:
I. Enjoy ease and efficiency when doing business with the CIS Countries.
II. Be informed about the most recent business opportunities available in the partnering CIS countries.
III. Extend your network and get in touch with decision makers and potential partners.
IV. Enhance your visibility in the Russian and other CIS markets.
V. Also get following personalize services, if needed: Enjoy personalized assistance in your commercial proceedings. Get Request letter for granting Visa to visit CIS countries Regular News Bulletin
Trade Inquiry to export or import Scope to join the Business Delegation to visit CIS Countries Name and Logo in the List of Members Link of website in the CIS-BCCI's main website Membership Certificate- to prove business identity

Services for Businessmen representing from CIS countries:
Following services will be ensured for overseas Members: On request, Chamber Secretariat will forward recommendation letter.
To help setting up meetings' appointment with Government High Officials, counterparts and other relevant organizations.
Priority to join the Business Delegation organized by CIS-BCCI visiting Foreign countries.
If a Delegation visits Bangladesh, Airport Protocol during arrival and departure at the Dhaka Airport.
Scopes for Business networking with Bangladeshi counterparts, direct interactions and one-to-one meeting.
Membership Certificate- showing evidence to do business with Bangladesh.
Counseling service for Investment proposal, Joint Venture and Transfer of Technology.