Welcome to Commonwealth of Independent States - Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CIS-BCCI)



Commonwealth of Independent States-Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CIS-BCCI) is registered under T.O Rules of the Ministry of Commerce to promote mutual trade and economic interests of Bangladesh and the 12 country Russia-CIS block including the Council of the Eurasian Economic Commission. It is also affiliated with the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI).

CIS-BCCI has been working hard along with the Government of Bangladesh to expand trade and economic ties with Russia & other CIS countries and also for exploring the Russia and CIS countries as 3rd Front Bangladesh’s export destination keeping in line with Government’s policy of products as well as market diversification.

In the process CIS-BCCI delegations are regularly attending since 2015 International trade promotion agenda SPIEF of Russian Federation held under the leadership of President Vladimir PUTIN. Our Honourable former Finance Minister, former Commerce Minister and the State Minister of Foreign Affairs also participated in those events.

CIS-BCCI has signed Protocol with ROSSCONGRESS, ORGANISER OF SPIEF, as their south Asian partner. We have also signed MoUs with St, Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, Uzbekistan Textile and Garments Industry Association, Union “Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Murmansk region”/Northern (The Russian Federation)

CIS-BCCI is also delighted to be associated with the process of strengthening bilateral relations with Russia and other CIS Countries with Bangladesh through regular interaction with respective diplomatic missions and exchange of delegations.

To foster mutual trade between Russia-CIS block and Bangladesh, CIS-BCCI is actively pursuing, among others, realization of the following objectives to enable Bangladesh to have more trade and economic cooperation with CIS countries.

a) Streamlining through direct banking transactions export-import transactions between the Russian Federation and the People's Republic of Bangladesh;
b) Improve mutual transport and digital connectivity;
c) Mutual Regulatory cooperation and harmonization of Trade Rules and Regulations;
d) Increase institutional linkage between the trade and investment promotion agencies/bodies of the two countries for the promotion of mutual trade and investment;
e) Setting up necessary infrastructures including warehouses and distribution network at both ends;
f) To pursue with the Government for early implementation of the decisions reached on Protocol signed by Bangladesh-Russia Inter-Government Commission (IGC) for Trade, Scientific and Economic Cooperation.